CFL starts appeal for bushfire victims in Australia

Gale force winds have fanned two of Australia’s massive bushfires into a feared mega blaze, with Australian authorities warning of worse weather to come.

Victoria’s Country Fire Authority issued several emergency warnings yesterday, telling people to evacuate before it became too dangerous.

Communications Fiji Limited through its five radio stations – Legend FM, FM96, Navtarang, Radio Sargam and Viti FM and website, has started the CFL Australia Bushfire Victims Appeal.

CFL has decided to start this appeal as Australia being one of our closest neighbours is going through one of the most difficult times in its history as almost 2,000 houses have been destroyed in months-long bushfire crisis and at least 25 people and millions of animals have died since September last year.

The bushfires in Australia are expected to continue for the next few months which will bring more devastation.

According to Sydney Morning Herald, the Insurance Council of Australia has estimated the damage bill had reached A$700m but said it expected the cost to rise significantly.

Scientists fear many billions of animals may have been killed by the bushfires that have swept across Australia’s south-east.

Thousands of people who have fled the blazes are uncertain if their lives will ever return to normal.

According to ABC reports, water and food is running low in many areas and the fires could intensify in the coming days as strong winds and high temperatures threaten to create even more awful conditions.

Many in Australia do not have any idea how life will be going forward and are in dire need of assistance.

Thousands of Australian families have lost their homes, farms, businesses. Far worse, some people have lost loved ones.

We are calling on all Fijians in Fiji and abroad to become part of CFL’s Australia Bushfire Victim Appeal and donate to help our brothers and sisters in Australia.

Funds raised through CFL’s Australia Bushfire Victims Appeal will be given to the Australian Red Cross.

Donations can be made through deposits in Westpac account number 9800935794.

People can also make donations through their M-PAiSA account by using the M-PAiSA app where people will have to go to the business payment section and select Australia Bushfire Appeal and enter the amount.

People can also bring their cash donations to CFL’s home at 231 Waimanu Road, Suva.

The appeal closes at 6pm next Saturday.

Story by: Dhanjay Deo